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Books NA (not available for purchase) are made available through our research library.
(Year) Title Price
V.1, no.1 (1898) Constitution and By-Laws $4.00
V.1, no.2 (1898) The County Historical Society; The Hebron Diary During the Revolutionary Period NA
V.1, no.3 (1898) Lebanon County in History, Biography and Genealogy; The Early History of Schaefferstown, Pa. NA
V.1, no.4 (1898) “Deng’lstuk”; Der Alt Dengelstock (Pa. German Poem); The Bindnagel Church $4.00
V.1, no.5 (1898) Lebanon – A Bit of Retrospect, Reminiscence & Sentiment $4.00
V.1, no.6 (1898, 1899) Distinguished Visitors of Lebanon County NA
V.1, no.7 (1899) Origin & Significance of Our Township Names NA
V.1, no.8 (1899) A Visit to Annville Sixty Years Ago (1839) NA
V.1, no.9 (1899) “Battalion” or Training Day at Schaefferstown, Pa., in the Olden Time $4.00
V.1, no.10 (1899) Proceedings and Addresses, Second Annual Meeting; Lebanon in the Wars of the Nation; The Ghost: A Legend of the Swatara; Lebanon in the Councils of the Nation; The Women of Lebanon; Address: “Making and Writing History” $4.00
V.1, no.11 (1900) The Old Cider Mill $4.00
V.1, no.12 (1900) Abstracts from the Minutes of the Provincial Council of Colonial Penna. $4.00
V.1, no.13 (1900) “Uf “m Oewerste Speicher (Pa. German Poem) $4.00
V.1, no.14 (1900) Two Dead and Lost Churches of the Swatara NA
V.1, no.15 (1900) The Palatine and Scotch-Irish Settlers of Lebanon County NA
V.1, no.16 (1900) Some Doctors of the Olden Times NA
V.1, no.17 (1900) The Early Churches of Lebanon County NA
V.1, no.18 (1900) Third Annual Meeting Lebanon County – A Brief of its Celebrated Law Cases; Lebanon County – A Story of Its Newspapers; The Legend of the Wandering Indian (Poem) $4.00
V.2, no.1 (1901) Cornwall Furnace and the Cornwall Ore Banks, or Mine Hills NA
V.2, no.2 (1901) Lebanon County in the French and Indian War; Regina, the German Captive – Part 1 – The Location, Part 2 – The Story NA
Vol.2, no.3 (1901) Mt. Gretna – Origin of the Name; Colonial Events: East Pennsylvania and Schaefferstown; A Story of the Quittapahilla (Poem) NA
V.2, no.4 (1901) Fourth Annual Meeting: George Steitz, the Founder; The North End; Honor the Irish, Too; Retrospect, Dec. 1900 to Dec. 1901; Old Hebron Church and the Ladies $4.00
V.2, no.5 (1902) The First Trial, Conviction and Execution for Murder in Lebanon County, Pa. NA
V.2, no.6 (1902) Fifth Annual Meeting: Influence of a Historical Society on a Community; Poem – “What Makes a Fellow Homesick”; Our Ancestors; Memoriam on John Meily $4.00
V.2, no.7 (1903) The United Brethren Church in Lebanon County NA
V.2, no.8 (1903) State Roads and Highways in Eastern Pennsylvania and Lebanon County NA
V.2, no.9 (1903) The Episcopal Church in Lebanon County $4.00
V.2, no.10 (1903) The Mills of the Quittapahilla NA
V.2, no.11 (1903) Addresses of the Sixth Annual Meeting, December 15, 1903; The Pennsylvania-German and his English and Scotch-Irish Neighbors; The Educational Work of Lebanon County; Jacob Weidle, a Biographical Sketch $4.00
V.2, no.12 (1904) St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Lebanon, Pa. NA
V.2, no.13 (1904) Lebanon County in Our State Legislature $4.00
V.2, no.14 (1904) The Annville Academy NA
V.3, no.1 (1904) The Iron Industries of Lebanon County; The Legend of the Hounds (Poem) NA
V.3, no.2 (1904) The Eastern Border of Lebanon County; The Western Border of Lebanon County NA
V.3, no.3 (1904) Seventh Annual Meeting and Banquet, December 29, 1904; Steitztown; My Impression of Lebanon; Simeon Guilford, Civil Engineer and Iron Master NA
V.3, no.4 (1905) The First Twenty-Five Years of Lebanon Valley College; The First Twenty-Five Years of Palatinate College NA
V.3, no.5 (1905) An Early Educational Project of Lebanon Town $4.00
V.3, no.6 (1905) The Women’s Aid Society of Lebanon During the War of the Rebellion $4.00
V.3, no.7 (1905) Lebanon County’s Emergency Volunteers at Gettysburg NA
V.3, no.8 (1905) A Final Word as to Regina, the German Captive NA
V.3, no.9 (1905) Folk Lore and Superstitious Beliefs of Lebanon County NA
V.3, no.10 (1905) Eighth Annual Meeting: Col. Joseph Wood A Biographical Sketch; To Our Muse; Early Lebanon County Recollections; Memoriam on H.M. Capp, J.A. Weimer, D.W. Miller and W.E. Brunner $4.00
V.3, no.11 (1906) Quaint and Historic Makers and Inscriptions of Lebanon County NA
V.3, no.12 (1906) The Myerstown Academy NA
V.3, no.13 (1906) The Fire Companies of Lebanon NA
V.4, no.1 (1906) Myerstown, Its Men and Events of the Past NA
V.4, no.2 (1907) Swatara Collegiate Institute NA
V.4, no.3 (1907) The Know-Nothing Party in Lebanon County NA
V.4, no.4 (1907) The Color Episode of the One Hundred and Forty-ninth Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers in the First Day’s Fight at Gettysburg, July 1, 1863 NA
V.4, no.5 (1908) Annual Meeting: County Events of 1907; Memoriam on G.B. Woomer, Rev. F.J.F. Schantz, C.E. Rauch, C.L. Henry, T.H. Capp, W.T. Atkins $4.00
V.4, no.6 (1908) Lebanon County Imprints and Bibliography NA
V.4, no.7 (1908) Notes and Medical History of Lebanon County NA
V.4, no.8 (1908) The Lebanon Academy $4.00
V.4, no.9 (1908) Palmyra – Its History and Its Surroundings NA
V.4, no.10 (1908) Annals of Schaefferstown, With Some Reference to the Early Jewish Community NA
V.4, no.11 (1909) Eleventh Annual Meeting: Report of the Committee on History; The Presbyterian Church in Lebanon County; Work of the Lebanon County Historical Society; Pennsylvania Soldiers at Valley Forge; Memoriam on John Richard Meily, Rev. A.M. Abel, J.A. DeHuff $4.00
V.4, no.12 (1909) Lebanon County’s Part in the Revolutionary War NA
V.4, no.13 (1909) Description and Historical Memorials of Heilman Dale NA
V.5, no.1 (1909) The Palmyra Academy NA
V.5, no.2 (1909) Twelfth Annual Meeting: Our Country; Our Neighbors; Our State; Memoriam on J.H. Redsecker, R.R. Uhler, E.B. Biernan, J.S. Krause $4.00
V.5, no.3 (1910) Annville: Township and Town NA
V.5, no.4 (1910) The German Newspapers of Lebanon County NA
V.5, no.5 (1909, 1910) Stories of Old Stumpstown NA
V.5, no.6 (1910) Report of the Executive Committee on a Seal for the Society; The Seal of the Lebanon County Historical Society; A Word About Seals; The Annual Dinner with Addresses, February 16, 1911 $4.00
V.5, no.7 (1911) The Humberger School Association and Its School $4.00
V.5, no.8 (1911) Lebanon County in the Foreign Wars of the United States, 1898-1902 $4.00
V.5, no.9 (1912) The Annual Meeting – December 15, 1911; Biographical Sketch of Rev. J. E. Hiester, D.D.; The Annual Dinner – February 15, 1912; History in the Hearts and Minds of the American People; A Maker of History NA
V.6, no.1 (1912) Our Ancestors in the British Prisons of the Revolution NA
V.6, no.2 (1912) A Story of the Beginnings and First Things in Lebanon County NA
V.6, no.3 (1912) Henry William Stiegel NA
V.6, no.4 (1913) A Lebanonian Amongst a Strange People $4.00
V.6, no.5 (1913) The Founding of Fredericksburg, Pa. NA
V.6, no.6 (1913) A History of Lebanon County Prior to 1876 NA
V.6, no.7 (1914) Fifteenth Annual Meeting: Biographical Sketch of Prof. Cyrus Boger; Daniel Stine; Chronicles of Events of Lebanon Co. during the Early Part of 1913; Centenaries of 1914; Memoriam of E.C. Freeman $4.00
V.6, no.8 (1913) Moravian Influence in the Settlement and Early Development of Lebanon County NA
V.6, no.9 (1914) Frederick Stump, the Founder of Fredericksburg NA
V.6, no.10 (1914) Cooking Utensils and Cookery of Our Grandmothers; Lard-Dips, Candlesticks and Lamps, or the Light of Other Days NA
V.6, no.11 (1914) Seventeenth Annual Meeting: A Review of the Year’s Work; Biographical Sketch of Hon. John M. Kinports; Historical Education and Historical Societies $4.00
V.6, no.12 (1914) Millbach History and Lore NA
V.6, no.13 (1915) Luster Ware NA
V.6, no.14 (1915) Eighteenth Annual Meeting; Biographical Sketch of Gen. John Philip DeHaas; Chronicle of Events in Lebanon Co. during Early Part of 1915 $4.00
V.6, no.15 (1915) Annville’s Oldest Burial Place and Its Memories NA
V.6, no.16 (1915) A Lebanon County Old-Time Back-woods Preacher NA
V.6, no.17 (1916) The American Iron and Steel Manufacturing Co. NA
V.7, no.1 (1916) Nineteenth Annual Meeting, December 22, 1916; Biographical Sketch of John Smith; Some Hitherto Unpublished Documents Pertaining to Lebanon County’s Part in the War of the Revolution NA
V.7, no.2 (1916) Life and Services of General John Philip De Hass NA
V.7, no.3 (1916) Conservation of the Past $4.00
V.7, no.4 (1916) A Literary Governor: Hon. Thomas Lynch Montgomery $4.00
V.7, no.5 (1917) Twentieth Annual Meeting: Biographical Sketch of Prof. Daniel Balsbaugh; Memoriam on D.P. Witmeyer; H.C. Shirk, H. Houck, A.E. Lehman, Col. A.F. Seltzer, H. Brock, Rev. H.E. Hayden, E.F. Burnside, T. Evans, C.A. DeHuff- Meily NA
V.7, no.6 (1917) The Name “Heilman” in European, American and Lebanon County History NA
V.7, no.7 (1917) The History of Greenville; The Great Fire at Fredericksburg, Pa. (Poem); An Old-Time Religious Service in Bethel Township $4.00
V.7, no.8 (1918) Some Reminiscences of Noted Men and Times NA
V.7, no.9 (1919) Twenty-first Annual Meeting: Biographical Sketch of Rev. William Hiester; Memoriam on T.J. Mays, J.Y. Boyd S.R. Ludwig, W.T. Bruce, I. Kegerreis; D.T. Werner, A.B. Gloninger, M.D. $4.00
V.7, no.10 (1919) Pennsylvania’s Free School Laws of 1834 and Their Great Defender, Thaddeus Stevens $4.00
V.7, no.11 (1919) The Genesis of “Der Pihwie”, with Reminiscences of its Author, Rev. Henry Harbaugh, D.D.; Who Discovered America? NA
V.7, no.12 (1919) Twenty-second Annual Meeting; Biographical Sketch of Rev. John Casper Stoever; Memoriam on E. Shuey, Rev. J.H. Reid, J.H. Miller, J.H. Kreider, W.W. Weigley NA
V.8, no.1 (1921) The Monitor of the Civil War $4.00
V.8, no.2 (1916) Graves That Tell a Tale NA
V.8, no.3 (1916) The Church of the Brethren (Dunkers) in Lebanon County NA
V.8, no.4 (n.d.) Beginning of the Evangelical Church in Lebanon County NA
V.8, no.5 (n.d.) Biographical Sketch of Rev. John Conrad Templeman $4.00
V.8, no.6 (1922) Lebanon County’s Distinguished Governor, John Andrew Melchior Shulze NA
V.8, no.7 (1922) The History of Eighth Street, Lebanon, Pa. NA
V.8, no.8 (1922) In Rebel Prisons NA
V.8, no.9 (1922) The Ephrata Cloister and Its Music NA
V.8, no.10 (1923) The Premier Among Our Edible Fruits $4.00
V.8, no.11 (1923) The Story of Valley Forge NA
V.8, no.12 (1923) Company D, 109th Machine Gun Battalion of the World War NA
V.8, no.13 (n.d.) Company B, 103rd Ammunition Train in the World War NA
V.8, no.14 (1924) Index to the First Eight Volumes of the Publications of the Lebanon County Historical Society NA
V.9, no.1 (1924) The Stone of Destiny and Ireland of Old NA
V.9, no.2 (1925) An Old Tragedy of Jackson Township; Report of Biographical Committee; Squire Adam Reed NA
V.9, no.3 (1925) Henry William Stiegel and Stiegel Glass; When Grandma was Young NA
V.9, no.4 (1925, 1926) The Old Hill Church; A Glimpse Into the Kitchen and Dining Room of Colonial Days NA
V.9, no.5 (1926) Old Clocks; Conrad Weiser NA
V.9, no.6 (1927) A Short History of the Lebanon Post Office; The Post Service of the U.S. and Its Stamps NA
V.9, no.7 (1927) Pennsylvania Women in the Revolution; Granny Forney’s Cake and Beer Shop NA
V.9, no.8 (1927) Grandmother’s Old Blue Historical China and Its Makers NA
V.9, no.9 (1928) The Early Schools and Teachers Among Our German Ancestors NA
V.9, no.10 (1928) The Early Settlers of Pennsylvania; An Old Colonial Homestead NA
V.9, no.11 (1929) The Colonial Medicine Chest NA
V.10, no.1 (1929) Unveiling of Tablet, Hebron Moravian Cemetery NA
V.10, no.2 (1930) Our Educational System in Its Early Growth NA
V.10, no.3 (1931) A South Sea Adventure — The Tragic Experience of a Resident of Lebanon Co. on the Island of St. Matthias in the Bismarck Archipelago — Brief Sketch of Hugo Krebs — A Participant $4.00
V.10, no.4 (1931) Our Old Taverns and Maps NA
V.10, no.5 (1932) The Religious Life of the Pennsylvania German Pioneers; The First Stoevers NA
V.10, no.6 (1932) President George Washington’s Three Visits to Lebanon County; Lebanon City and County in Brief Sketches; How a General Failed to Get a Regiment’s Colors NA
V.10, no.7 (1934) The Pennsylvania Germans and Their First Schools NA
V.10, no.8 (1934) Lebanon County Schools Centennial Celebration of Founding of Public Schools in Pennsylvania $4.00
V.10, no.9 (1935) A Resume of Experiences During the World War – Roster of Lieut. F. S. Frantz in Co. E., 317th Infantry NA
V.10, no.10 (1935) Memoriam and Tribute to Captain Henry Melchior Muhlenberg Richards; also History of Hauck Family who gave Memorial Building NA
V.11, no.1 (1936) Early and Historic Churches in Lebanon Valley Prior to 1800 NA
V.11, no.2 (1936) A History of Secondary Education in Lebanon, Penna. NA
V.11, no.3 (1937) Some Social and Economic Trends in Lebanon County NA
V.11, no.4 (1938) The Development of East Lebanon from the Kucher, Gloninger, and Krause Farms NA
V.11, no.5 (1939) The Union Canal. Its Origin, Development and Passing and Strolls Along its Tow Path Through the Lebanon Valley NA
V.11, no.6 (1942) A History of the Lebanon Valley Railroad NA
V.12, no.1 (1943) Lebanon: Its Economic, Political and Social Development Between 1845-1865 NA
V.12, no.2 (n.d.) A History of the Reistville School; Old Wells of Lebanon NA
V.12, no.3 (1950, 1951, 1952)



The Rise of an Iron Community: An Economic History of Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, from 1740 to 1865

The Genesis of “Der Pihwie”                                      The Rev. Henry Harbaugh, D. D.

Who Discovered America?                                          by Capt. H. M. M. Richards, Litt. D.


V.13, no.1 (1955) The Life of William Rank $4.00
V.13, no.2 (1956) The Diaries of William Rank $4.00
V.13, no.3 (1957) The End of the Road: The Berks and Dauphin Turnpike $4.00
V.13, no.4 (1962) Diaries of Daniel Fegan, Jr. (1862-1863) $4.00
V.13, no.5 (1963) Civil War: Lebanon at Gettysburg $4.00
V.13, no.6 (1963) Reflections on Battle of Gettysburg $4.00
V.13, no.7 (1964) Swatara Journal NA
V.13, no.8 (1965, 1990, 2011) Mt. Gretna: A Coleman Legacy by Jack Bitner $30.00
V.14, no.1 (1966) Two Canals of Lebanon County $7.00
V.14, no.2 (1967) Pennsylvania Dutch Essays NA
V.14, no.3 (1968) Ground Rents and Charges (of early Lebanon) $4.00
V.14, no.4 (1969) Cornwall Railroad NA
V.14, no.5 (1970) Shadows of The Rhine Along The Tulpehocken / No. 1 (Book No. 3) by Viola Kohl Mohn NA
V.14, no.6 (1971, 1996) History of Hangings for Homicide in Lebanon County by Hon. G. Thomas Gates $10.00
V.14, no.7 (1972) Shadows of the Rhine #2 NA
V.15, no.1 (1976) General John Philip de Haas; Revolutionary Soldiers buried in Lebanon County NA
V.15, no.2 (1977) James Lick (1796-1876): Pioneer and Adventurer – His Role in California History by William H. Worrilow, LL.D. $4.00
V.15, no.3 (1978) The Circle L Story: A History of the Lebanon Steel Foundry (softcover) $5.00
V.15, no.3 (1978) The Circle L Story: A History of the Lebanon Steel Foundry (hardcover) $10.00
V.15, no.4 (1980) Historic Sites Survey $4.00
V.15, no.5 (1981) Three Faces of Penryn Park by Charles H. Huber $4.00
V.16, no.1 (1982, 1992) The Touch of Time: Robert Habersham Coleman (1856-1930) by Richard E. Noble $8.00
V.16, no.2 (1983) Hill Lutheran Church 1733-1983 $5.00
V.16, no.3 (n.d.) Mt. Gretna Narrow Gauge Railroad, 1889-1915 NA
V.16, no.4 (1985) The Union Canal and the Lehmans, 1828–1885 NA
V.17, no.1 (1986) Shadows of the Rhine Along the Tulpehocken $3.50
V.17, no.2 (no date) Colonel McCarter, The Fighting Parson; Bassler and His Jackson Guards NA
V.17, no.3 (1989) A Man of No Country: The Case of Colonel Hausseggar $4.00
V.17, no.4 (1993) On My Honor $5.00
V.17, no.5 (1994) The Mt. Gretna Maximum State Security Prison: A Momentous Failure by P.B. Gibble, Jr. $3.00
V.18, no. 1 (1997, 2004) Brewers and Breweries: A Brief History of the Brewing Industry of Lebanon County, Pennsylvania by Robert A. Heilman $9.40
V.18, no.2 (1998) The Lebanon County Historical Society: A Centennial History 1898–1998 $12.00
V.18, no. 3 (1999) The History of Lawn, Pennsylvania by William E. Stoffel and David B. Flory $9.00
V.18, no. 4 (2003) Hessian Prisoners and Their Employers in the Lebanon Township Area by Gladys Bucher Sowers $8.00
V.18, no. 5 (2004) The Pennsylvania/Kentucky Long Rifle and Its Lebanon County Connection by Beverly J. Manbeck and Bruce R. Reed. $7.00
V.18, no. 6 (2004) From Lickdale, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, into the Swatara Gap by Francis W. Ditzler Jr. $12.00
V.19, no. 1 (2006) Lebanon County in the French and Indian War by Beverly Manbeck $7.50
 V.19, no. 2 missing edition NA
V.19, no. 3 (2008) Manufacturing a Tradition: A History of Lebanon Bologna by Chris Sholly $12.00
V.19, no. 4 (2010) The Craftsmen of Decorated Dower Chests, Tall Case Clocks, and Fancy Woven Coverlets of Lebanon County, Pennsylvania by Gretchen Krause Rohland $15.00
V.20, no.1 (2011) The Day-Light Department Store Remembered by Dave Haak $12.00
V.20, no.2 (2012) City of Lebanon Bridges Over Norfolk Southern by Donald L. Rhoads Jr. and Gladys Bucher Sowers $10.00
V.20, no. 3 (2017) Tales from a Haunted Valley: Supernatural Lebanon County Legends and Poetry $9.99
(1983) 300 Years of Lebanon County, Pennsylvania  $6.00
(1984) Guide to the Genealogical Materials of the Hauck Memorial Library housed in the Lebanon County Historical Society $5.00
(1984, 1996, 2018) Cemetery Map of Lebanon County $9.43
(1991) A Map of Historical Sites & Memorabilia of the City of Lebanon by Earl P. Leiby and Charles C. Stine $3.00
(1992) A Postcard History of Lebanon County (softcover) $14.00
(1992) A Postcard History of Lebanon County (hardcover) $28.00
(1996) The Colemans: Lebanon’s Royal Family $15.00
(2000) Railroads of Lebanon County: A Pictorial and Descriptive History by Donald L. Rhoads Jr. and Robert A. Heilman $20.00
(2001) Campbelltown, Pennsylvania: A Historical Review in Words and Photographs by Donald Rhoads, Jr. $15.00
(2005) Cold Spring Hotel Site: Uncovering its Layers of History by James C. Logan and James M. Logan $16.00
(2007) A Gazetteer of Lebanon County, Pennsylvania by David J. Bachman $18.00
(2007) Driving Tour of Lebanon County, compiled by Beverly Manbeck, Michael Trump, James Dibert, and Donald Rhoads, Jr. $12.00
(no date) The Newspapers of Lebanon County, Pennsylvania by Robert A. Heilman and Gladys Bucher Sowers $9.95
(no date) Palmyra’s Jimmy Bucher: A Baseball Life by Phares B. Gibble  $4.50

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