The Lebanon County Historical Society

The LCHS was organized in 1898 by a group of interested local citizens and amateur historians. The Society was considered the county’s attic until 1935, when the group offered its first public exhibits. Today, the LCHS is a place where residents and visitors alike can experience our history first-hand, as well as conduct their own historical research and have access to related gifts and souvenirs. The LCHS is truly one of Lebanon County’s hidden gems. [Read more »]

We are proud to be recognized as the county’s official historical society.

Support from the County Government

 Mission Statement

The mission of the Lebanon County Historical Society is to collect, exhibit, interpret, preserve, and publish the history of the Lebanon Valley. The Society shall accomplish this mission through its museums, libraries, archives, publications, programs, and historic sites. The Society shall hold its collections in trust for the community and recognizes its responsibility to educate and inform the public about the history of the Lebanon Valley and make its holdings reasonably accessible to the public.

Stoy Museum exhibit

Location and Facilities

The Society is located at 924 Cumberland Street in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, 1/2 block west of the intersection of Route 422 West (Cumberland Street) and Route 72 North (Ninth Street). The building houses the Stoy Museum and Gift Shop, the Hauck Research Archives library, the Reese Memorial Hall, and the Society office. The Society also owns and maintains The Union Canal Tunnel, the oldest existing transportation tunnel in the United States, for the canal which once linked Reading and Harrisburg. The Union Canal Tunnel Park includes picnic tables and has no admission fee. The park is located at 25th and Union Canal Drive, Lebanon. [Map »]

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Visit the Society’s Virtual Exhibit:

A History of Lebanon County in 50 Objects